Fat Pets are Sad Pets. Learn how to help them today

On 4 September 2013 PetHealthCare.co.za attended a very interesting talk about research done on Pet Obesity & Metabolism by Dr Todd L. Towell, Senior Manager, Scientific Communications from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc.

A shortened extract of Dr. Todd Towell's research is explained below:

The disease Hyperadiposity, is more commonly referred to as overweight or obesity. Over the last five years the incidence of hyperadiposity in dogs has increased by almost 40% in the US. Over the same time period the number of overweight or obese cats has increased by an astonishing 90%.

Health risks associated with hyperadiposity are well documented.  Obesity has been associated with:

  • a shortened lifespan, as well as a variety of diseases including
  • insulin resistance/ diabetes mellitus,
  • lameness,
  • osteoarthritis,
  • dermatopathy,
  • lower urinary tract disease,
  • cardiovascular and kidney disease, and
  • pancreatitis.


In cats, it is estimated that nearly one third of cases of diabetes mellitus and lameness could be eliminated if cats achieved ideal body condition.

In dogs, being overweight shortens lifespan by an average of 2 years and increases the incidence of clinical signs of osteoarthritis and other chronic diseases.

Results of a recent study confirm that overweight dogs suffer as a result of this disease, and successful management relieves suffering.

Overweight animals are suffering in silence.  They are known to be FAT & SAD.  Studies show that weight loss improves pets overall quality of life.

Hyperadiposity is not simply a cosmetic issue; it is both a health and a welfare issue.

66% of vets’ are reluctant to discuss overweight pets with owners who are overweight.  There is a growing need for veterinarians to move from a discussion about the consequences of weight gain, to guiding pet owners towards a cure for this growing problem.

Groundbreaking Research was done on people who had no idea what they were feeding their pets, or from which brand it came.


Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution works the way people feed their pets

In a landmark in-home study, Hill’s Pet Nutrition determined the effectiveness of a novel therapeutic weight management food. Over 350 overweight or obese pets (159 dogs and 155 cats) completed this 2-month feeding study. This study is unique for several reasons;

1) research was conducted by a third party, the veterinary health care teams and owners were blinded to the sponsor of the study and manufacturer of the food;

2) owners were unaware that they were participating in a weight loss study for their pet;

3) owners were allowed to feed “the test food” to up to 3 additional same species pets;  and

4) the feeding recommendations were based on the pets ideal weight as determined by a non-branded version of the Healthy Weight Protocol tool.


Once enrolled, owners were told how much to feed their pet, provided the test food and a measuring cup, and asked to return for the 1- and 2-month recheck evaluations. Feeding amount recommendations were not adjusted at the recheck visits.

Remarkably, even without strict protocols and precise measuring, 88% of these pets lost weight at an average rate of 0.7% of initial body weight per week. The majority of pet owners agreed that Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution was an easy way for their pet to lose weight, while keeping their pets feeling full and satisfied.

Perhaps most impressive is that 80% of pet owners said they would recommend Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution to a friend with an overweight pet.

Yo-Yo Dieting: What happens after successful weight loss?

Just like humans who struggle to ‘stay on a diet’, pet owners struggle to maintain a strictly controlled diet because they worry that their pet is hungry and they “love their pet too much to deprive them of food”.


Hill’s® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution works the way people feed their pets

The success of weight management programs can be increased by providing a therapeutic food that is appropriate for both weight loss and long term maintenance and can be fed at volumes close to the recommended amount for normal adult pets.  Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution™ is specifically designed to be appropriate for both weight loss and long term weight management in dogs and cats without deprivation.


Hyperadiposity is not a cosmetic issue; it is both a health and a welfare issue. Overweight pets are suffering, often in silence. The solution to the epidemic of hyperadiposity in pets lies in overcoming the barriers to pets attaining and maintaining a healthy weight for life.  The first barrier to success is making an accurate diagnosis. Having an accurate diagnosis will facilitate meaningful discussions and optimize the formulation of a treatment plan.  The Healthy Weight Protocol Tools are practical and accurate. Implementing the use of these tools in practice will increase the success of weight management programs. Since human feeding habits play a primary role in the success or failure of weight management programs providing a weight management food works the way owners feed their pets and is proven to help maintain weight loss over time is key to ending the epidemic of pet obesity. Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution™ works the way clients feed their pets for both weight loss and long term weight management.

Dr. Towell says that therapeutic weight-loss foods work.  Taste is however a vital part of introducing your pet to a new food, which is why the creators of this food are so happy that they have been able to provide pets with a great experience when they eat their new food.

Tip the scales in favor of success, speak to your vet and hear if you too can start using the Healthy Weight Protocol Tools and Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution™ today.


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