No more bad breath with Montego’s New Bags O’ Wags Denties

Say bye-bye to bad breath with Montego Pet Nutrition’s new Bags O’ Wags Denties. These dental treats are flavoursome, highly nutritious, and made with only natural colourants. They are also super long-lasting and suitable to keep all dog breeds busy for ages.

Available in four fun shapes and various sizes, from extra small (XS) for smaller breeds to large treats (XL) for big dogs. Ensuring there is something for all dogs to find their favourite Dentie. These include our Tip Top Toothbrush, Barktastic Bones, Full O’ Fun Frogs, and Roarsome Dinos.

The different shapes and sizes, as well as intricate dents and grooves found on the treat assist in cleaning your dog’s teeth, prevents tartar build-up, and double up as a great toy for fun and play.

“Your pets' dental hygiene is an important aspect of their health and wellbeing. This is why we are particularly excited about this new variant of uniquely shaped treats.” said Wilfred Cawood, Marketing Executive at Montego Pet Nutrition.

Find Bags O’ Wags Denties at your nearest retailer ranging from an RRP of R30.00 per pack. Visit for more information.



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