PetCalm Product Review for Anxious Pets

Product Review : PetCalm
Company : Feelgood Health
Category : Alternative Pet Medication

29 November 2013.

Today we feature PetCalm and 3 lucky readers also stand a chance to win a bottle each.    Welcome to #FreebieFriday!

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Its that time of the year and festivities are about to start.  Fireworks are the biggest concern for now, but many of us live in areas where the summer brings with it many very ferocious storms that produce lightning and thunder - even extreme hail.  We would like to share with you a product that you can give to your pets when you know they might be exposed to such events.

The Sponsor for today is Feelgood Health -  Friday 29 November 2013

Prizes: 3 Lucky readers will each win a PetCalm Medication to help your pets cope during stressful experiences. Value R93.50

Question: What triggers your pet/s to become anxious or stressed?

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PetCalm contains 100% homeopathic ingredients known for their calming and soothing effect.

PetCalm is a natural remedy with no risk of side effects or addiction and can be safely used by animals of all ages and sizes.

PetCalm may be used regularly to reduce anxiety and stress in highly strung or chronically anxious pets.

More uses for PetCalm include:

  • as needed for relief during particularly stressful situations like competitive events,
  • visits to the vet,
  • change of home,
  • domestic stress,
  • fireworks, thunder and servere weather conditions etc.

Benefits of PetCalm

  • To immediately calm anxious, stressed and highly strung pets
  • To treat anxiety in pets or soothe those with nervous dispositions
  • To reduce anxiety and excitability in competitive events
  • To help your pet cope during times of domestic stress (moving house, new baby, new extension)
  • To reduce distress during Halloween, fireworks, thunderstorms and other frightening occasions
  • As a tonic for the nervous system
  • For pets with a history of abuse


Who is Feelgood Health?

Feelgood Health is a natural remedies company established in 1998 to meet the increasing demand for natural remedies, complimentary treatments and alternatives to conventional medical approaches. Using Mother Nature’s guiding hand, Feelgood Health has grown to bring you over 300 natural remedies – all formulated for specific conditions by our team of natural health experts to promote healing, naturally.

They formulate and manufacture all of their own products using top quality natural ingredients such as herbs, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy essential oils and stock strength flower and gem essences. Feelgood Health Brands include Feelgood Health (family range, adults and teenagers), Natural Kids (children), BabyNature (pregnancy and infants) and PetAlive (pets).

Natural Health for Mans Best Friend

PetAlive : In today’s fast-paced world, environmental and lifestyle pressures can poorly impact our health and the health of our animals too! Pollution, over-processed foods, preservatives, inadequate exercise and overuse of allopathic medication are a few factors that can compromise the vitality of our pets.

In the wild, animals instinctively seek out healing herbs to help them when they are unwell.

Domesticated animals rely on their owners to help maintain their health and provide protection. While there is always a place for conventional veterinary medicine, natural medicine can compliment conventional veterinary care without side effects and damage to health. Mother Nature’s medicine chest is providing insight into a multitude of ailments and conditions affecting our furry friends.

The PetAlive range by Feelgood Health has been especially formulated in conjunction with a team of experts in the field of natural medicine and veterinary care.  All remedies are manufactured to the highest standards, using ingredients chosen for their ability to safely support health and vitality. From Fifi to Fido – here’s to natural health for man’s best friend!

How can I get hold of the PetCalm Product?

Click here to find a stockist in South Africa near you.

Every Friday we will be reviewing a Proudly South African product and will always make it possible for you to stand a chance to win the products in our weekly lucky draws.  We have some fantastic prizes up for grabs in the weeks to come.

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  6. People who reside outside the borders of South African may offer to donate their prize to a South African Animal Charity or Shelter listed here.
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*Question: What triggers your pet/s to become anxious or stressed?

To enter please answer the above question & remember to SHARE the competition post which is on our Facebook page.  No SHARE no entry.



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