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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Johannesburg
Street Address: Elnita Avenue, Northwold, Randburg, Johannesburg.
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Service Type Other Pet Service
Brief description of service Concern, anxiety and stress for the health and safety of your best friend and your family’s keeper can seriously impact your capability of ensuring a successful trip. Whether you are travelling regionally or internationally make sure that you contact Pet Passport so that we can embrace the task of safeguarding and tending to your furry friend’s important needs. We offer a full range of pet travel services that will allow us to fulfil both you and your pet’s requirements.

Our most sought after pet travel services is that of pet exportation. Assisting you and your family of making that big step of relocating overseas (even if only temporary), Pet Passport will custom-fit its pet exportation so that each of your pets receives a unique, personalized service.

Ensuring that your pet is comfortable throughout its journey is an additional benefit after our service of assuring that the correct documentation is in order. From export permits, which requirements change from country to country, to making sure that your pet is properly quarantined, you can rest assured that your ‘child’ will be safe come arrival.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats, Birds
Cost for Pet Transport Services - Subject to Change
This varies from origin to destination.
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Cell phone: 084 868 2252
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