Fur Kidz Wellness

Location for Fur Kidz Wellness
Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Germiston
Street Address: Andries Street, Dewittsrus, Germiston
Info for Fur Kidz Wellness
Service Type Pet Food Supplier
Brief description of service Raw Food for Pets (Mainly Rabbit)
* Carcass (on request Min of 25kg's)
* Rabbit Meaty Chunks
* Raw frozen Liver
* Rabbit Carcass minced (No innards or fur)
* Rabbit mince and veg mix (carrots)
* Frozen Rabbit paws (with fur)

Rabbits Treats:
* Dehydrated Rabbit Liver
* Dehydrated Rabbit Ears
* Dehydrated Rabbit Skins
* Dehydrated Rabbit paws (with fur)
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats
We also cater for Reptiles and carnivorous birds
Cost for Fur Kidz Wellness - Subject to Change
Carcass (Min order of 25kg's)
Dehydrated Liver Treats 100g R30
Dehydrated Ears 10 Ears R35
Dehydrated Rabbit Skin 200g R35
Dehydrated Paws (S/ Med Dogs) Front Paws R45
Dehydrated Paws (M/ Large Dogs) 10 Back legs R50
Frozen Livers 250g R30
Frozen Paws (S/ Med Dog) Front Paws R45
Frozen Paws (M/ Large Dogs) 100g Back Paws R50
Meaty Chunks 1kg R52
Minced Carcass (No Innards or fur) 1kg R57
Minced Carcass with veg (Carrot) 1kg R57

Wholesale pricing available for resellers
Contact for Fur Kidz Wellness
Phone: 08231455012
Cell phone: 08231455012
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