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Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Johannesburg
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Service Type Pet Food Supplier
Brief description of service Vet's Pantry vet shops are dedicated to providing quality, affordable products which promote your pets' health and happiness. At Vet's Pantry we pride ourselves on providing customers expert advice and friendly service.

For your convenience our vet shops are found throughout Johannesburg in five major shopping centres, namely Bedford Centre, Norwood Mall, Greenstone Shopping centre, Rosebank Mall and the Pick n Pay on Nicol in Hurlingham. All shops are situated near Pick n Pay entrances for your convenience.

Our friendly staff are trained to answer any food and over-the-counter related questions and will make your shopping experience a pleasant one.

We stock all the premium veterinary recommended pet foods, pet accessories, bird, hamster and other small pet foods. In our Norwood branch we also stock dog and cat food which are Beth-Din approved for Pesach.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats, Birds
We also cater for Rabbits, Hamsters
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We are a group of retail stores in prominent Shopping Centres providing quality, affordable veterinary recommended food for your pet.
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