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Location for Nat's Pet Sitting Services
Country: South Africa
Province: Gauteng
City / Town: Centurion
Street Address: Wierda Park
Info for Nat's Pet Sitting Services
Service Type Pet Sitting / Walking Service
Brief description of service Contact me for a personal experience looking after your pet in their own home with loving care. Don't put your pet under stress with boarding at kennels.

Your pet deserves the best when you are away.
Loving care does not involve only food and water. It involves playtime, walks and cuddles and healthy treats. Loving care does not have a time limit.

I will take care of your pets as if they where my own!!
Benefits of Using a Dog Walker - For your Dog.
•Regular exercise to ensure good physical and mental health
•Exercise improves a dog's muscle tone
•Running and playing can tire a dog so he is less likely to misbehave
•Important socialization for raising well-adjusted dogs
•Daily mid-day visits for puppies help maintain a consistent housebreaking schedule
•Elderly and adult dogs need bathroom breaks too
•Walking provides routine practice for using basic commands such as "heel", "sit", "stay", and "come". (Dog walking is NOT a replacement for proper basic obedience training. We only support the dog's established training through repetition.)

Benefits of Using a Dog Walker - For You.
•A helping hand when you have a busy schedule
•No guilt at having a busy schedule
•Adequate exercise can improve a dog's behaviour in the home
•Your dog may actually want to relax WITH you when you come home
•Relieves your concerns about leaving your dog crated

Benefits of Using a Pet Sitter
•Dog(s) keep a regular routine while you're away
•Dog(s) feel safe and secure in their own environment
•No worries about kennel cough or other contagious illnesses
•Personal attention for your dog

I will visit your pets twice a day for an hour.
Giving food, water and playtime.
If its a hot day, I will visit them 3 times to make sure they have enough water.
If there is a thunderstorm I will visit them as well to make sure they are calm.
I want your pets to be as stress free as possible while you are away.
If you require any additional services from me, I will be happy to assist.
I will be sending you daily feedback on their well being.
If they get dirty for playing in the rain, I will bathe them for you (included in the price)

Other Services:

Weekend Sitting

Day Sitting Services - where I visit your pets once a day for a walk as well as play and exercise

Pet Photography R300.00 per session.
(Sessions: Morning - 09:00 - 12:00)
(Sessions: Afternoon - 13:00 - 16:00)

Pet Taxi: Transportation for your Pets
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats, Birds
Cost for Nat's Pet Sitting Services - Subject to Change
R85 per Day
Contact for Nat's Pet Sitting Services
Cell phone: 0834006663
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