Pet Food Review: WUMA! Plus


Approximate price to feed a 20 kg dog (300g) per day: R7.87 per day

Other reviews: None found

Pet health care rating: 4/5*

Where to buy:  Order Online Here

Available from pet shops nationwide.


Wuma Plus is a proudly South African product with the unique inclusion of Australian free roaming kangaroo. A single source of carbohydrate – rice, which is less allergenic than wheat makes this an option for wheat sensitive dogs. Rice is highly digestible which will lead to smaller stool volume compared to maize based diets. Other added benefits include an excellent omega 3 to 6 ratio, prebiotics for gastrointestinal health and nutriceuticals for joint support. It contains approved synthetic anti-oxidants. Costing less than R8/ day to feed a 20 kg dog makes this an affordable food.

Background of company:

South African

Established in 2005

Quality of packaging:

  • Woven plastic inner layer with airtight foil outer layer.
  • Due to stitching not airtight – advise to keep in airtight container.
  • Average quality – the foil section could not withstand basic handling and was torn during transport. The inner section remained intact.
  • No handle on the 20 kg bag making handling challenging.
  • Bag can not be recycled.

Pellet size and quality:

  • Good quality kibble which maintained shape when soaked.
  • Small kibble size will suite small and medium breed dogs but will not encourage chewing in fast eaters. Chewing and crushing pellets may help to improve oral hygiene.
  • Well shaped kibble with a good feel and aroma.

Scientific review:

Target market: The dog owner looking for a quality, local product at an affordable price. Wuma Plus compares favourably to entry level veterinary brands at a competitive price.


Positive points:

  • Good value for money.
  • Good carbohydrate level (43%).
  • More than 50% of total protein  is animal derived
  • Single source carbohydrate: rice makes up a minimum of 25% of formula.
  • Contains a novel protein – kangaroo.
  • Added benefits – CLA, prebiotics and joint supplements.
  • Excellent ratio of omega 3: 6

Negative points:

  • Open formula can change from batch to batch
  • Ingredient list is not transparent but only generic terms are used.
  • Synthetic anti-oxidants used.
  • Kangaroo protein is a novel protein and may benefit allergic dogs but due to the poultry inclusion Wuma Plus will not be suitable for dogs with allergies to chicken protein


*when compared with other formulas in this price class


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Pet Food Review WUMA! Plus
Dog Food: WUMA PLUS Approximate price to feed a 20 kg dog (300g) per day: R7.87 per day Other revi
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