Hill's Pet Food launches a new product

Natural ingredients perfectly balanced - introducing Hill’s Ideal Balance

Celebrity doggies Bob & Bella from Expresso Show on SABC honoured us with their presence at the recent launch of the Hill's Ideal Balance pet food in South Africa.  Bob & Bella showed their usual impeccable good behaviour and loved posing for a photo (and a Hill's treat!).

Dr Guy Fyvie – Veterinary Affairs Manager: Hill’s Pet Nutrition South Africa  gave a detailed background explanation from when Hill's first started in 1939. We were shown a presentation of the lovely Hill's testing facility in Kansas, USA, and how (good) they treat their animals.  Dr Kathy Gross (MS, PhD, Diplomate ACAN) who introduced the new brand 'ideal balance' to us, is also the one who created the product.

Dr Gross discussed the global trend towards pet nutrition and launched the new Hill’s Ideal Balance, a complete range of perfectly balanced dog and cat foods made with natural ingredients.  Dr Gross, has been involved in animal nutrition research and development for more than two decades. She joined Hill’s Pet Nutrition in the USA in 1990 as a Nutrition Scientist and is currently Director of Product Development – Natural Brands. 

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a global pet food company and one of the largest employers of veterinarians and nutritionists worldwide, with more than 150 veterinarians, PhD scientists and nutritionists. Gross is a key member of the team, playing a valuable part in the development of new products to promote the health and wellbeing of dogs and cats around the globe.

Hill’s Ideal Balance, a new range of dog and cat food that combines natural ingredients with Hill's perfectly balanced nutrition, is now available in South Africa. Made with the expertise that discerning pet owners know they can expect from Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Hill's Ideal Balance gives consumers an unprecedented natural pet food choice.

Aware of the adverse effects that deficiencies and excesses in nutrients can create, Hill’s nutritionists have always ensured the perfect balance of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and fibre, backed by over 70 years of experience in the pet nutrition field.

"An in depth understanding of ingredient preferences has helped us develop a natural pet food that reflects what owners want," says Hill’s South Africa’s General Manager Carolyn Herrick. "The result is a new food that delivers on all the expectations of the natural shopper, while ensuring the right nutrition for their pets.”


Hill’s Ideal Balance ingredients include fresh chicken and natural salmon, fruits such as cranberries, vegetables, brown rice, flaxseed and eggs. The tasty, wholesome foods are made without corn, wheat or soy and do not contain any artificial colourants, flavours or preservatives. There are grain-free varieties for dogs and cats. There is also a range of healthy treats including Oven Baked Naturals with Chicken and Apples or Soft Baked Naturals with Duck and Pumpkin for dogs, and for cats, Crunchy Naturals Treats with Real Tuna.


“Creating a natural pet food is one thing; creating a perfectly balanced one, that meets Hill’s standards is another,” said pet nutritionist Dr Kathy Gross, Hill’s Director of Product Development – Natural Brands, who is in South Africa to launch the new range.


Hill’s has been voted South Africa’s most trusted pet food brand* and is available in South Africa exclusively from veterinary practices and vet shops. Hill’s Ideal Balance will be on shelf at practices and vet shops from April 2014.


For more details ask your vet or contact Hill’s on telephone 0800 228 783, email info@hillspet.co.za or visit www.idealbalance.co.za (from 24 March). To join a community of people passionate about their pets, join the Hill’s Facebook page www.hillspet.co.za/facebook.



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