How to Stop Your Pet Slipping On Your Tiles or Wooden Floors?

Wooden and tiled floors can sometimes be hazardous for our 4 legged friends especially if they are weak or already compromised e.g. hip dysplasia or arthritis.

The reason for this is that they do not have the strength to pull their legs together when they get old and start slipping outwards and often end up falling with their legs splayed open. This can cause severe pain, injuries and the flare up of arthritis, so for this reason it is really important to help them to minimize slipping and splaying.

Ways in which to minimize slipping

1. Rubber socks
Holisticpet Sticky Pawz are rubber socks which help promote traction and prevent slipping. They are biodegradable, reusable and sold in packs of 4. They are thin enough that your pet will be able to feel the ground through them making it really easy for your pet to walk in, especially if they have a neurological condition or are very week. Buy Now

2. Boots or shoes
These usually come with a suede or rubber sole which also help with grip and traction. They are heavier and more cumbersome than the rubber socks, this can make them harder to walk in. I would not recommend these for very weak dog. Buy Now

3. Mats or rugs
Sometime pet owners have smaller areas of tiled or wooden floors and if this is the case one can try and use mats or rugs that your pet can walk on. I would recommend putting one where you pet lies and where you pet eats. It is very difficult to eat when your front legs are continually slipping outwards. Some pets may compensate by eating lying down which is not ideal for digestion.

4. Trim long haired pets fur
The hair between the paws can interfere with the paw to ground contact. When the hair gets between the paw pads and the floor this can cause slipping especially in poodles or dogs with silky smooth coats.

5. Trim long nails
Your pets nails should just touch the ground when your pet is standing. Any longer and they will interfere with the way they walk making it especially challenging on slippery floors.

By following these simple yet effective tips, you will be able to help your old dog from injuring itself during his or her golden years.

By Dr Megan Kelly


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