Nutrigenomics: Pet food diet and their DNA

Anyone new to pet ownership should consider reading this information and watch this video, to understand how to assist your pet in staying healthy for a very long time.

Diabetes in pets is up to 900% (since 2011) in the United Kingdom, and Obesity is up 60% in North America, and scientifically proven the biggest evil of them all is 1 in 2 dogs will get cancer.

This is a video explaining the largest K9 study done on 3000 Golden Retriever dogs.

The average age of a dog's life 20 years ago was for a dog to be 17 years old.  Today the average age of a dog is living only for 11 years.

10% of all dogs with Cancer, is genetic, and 90% of dogs with cancer is caused by lifestyle and environmental awareness.

Causes of Cancer =

  • Diet, Diet, Diet (Change your dog's diet today.)
  • Stress
  • Obesity
  • Infection
  • Lifestyle
  • Pollution

This is a must-see video and we hope you will take note of how you and your pets compare to what is said here today.

In summary, the above video shows you the following regarding your dog's diet:

1. with a change in diet, you can double your pets' life.

2. Epigenix Foundation is funding studies to understand the correlation between diet and health. (on old dogs with Cancer)

3. KetoPets found the ability to slow down, halt and even reverse cancer.

4. Unprocessed fresh food will help your dog to achieve long healthy lives.

5. By adding some green leaf vegetables to your dog's processed food, will decrease their risk by 90% to get cancer.

This is not only a warning for us to take note of the lifestyle that we give our pets, but it is also a time for you to think very carefully about whether you can afford any of these illnesses should they happen to our pets.  If you wish to get affordable comprehensive Pet Insurance cover, then the time to do so is now, before your pet is diagnosed.  Pet Insurance companies do not cover pre-existing or pre-diagnosed illnesses.  

Knowing all these toxins are being sold to us, as seemingly healthy, it is vital for us to get medical cover to ensure they receive the best care money can buy, with PawPaw Pet Insurance you will have the peace of mind that you can visit any vet in South Africa.

Pet Obesity Prevention
Institute of Canine Biology
Animal Friends Diabetes Study




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