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Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Barrydale
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Service Type Animal Welfare Organisation or Animal Shelter
Brief description of service The Karoo Animal Protection Society is the only organisation providing a mobile service for animals in the deprived areas of the Little Karoo in rural South Africa.

In these poor communities, poverty is a way of life for animals and their owners. People who can barely feed their children keep a dog, chain it up, and feed it potato peelings.

Karoo Animal Protection Society takes free welfare services on a daily basis into a core catchment area approaching 5,000 sq km, and operates two further Outreach Programmes into areas of the Eastern Cape many hundreds of km distant from its home base in Barrydale.

Thousands of owners are assisted and educated. Emergencies are responded to 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Animals are dipped, dewormed, fed, taken for treatment, sterilised, rescued and rehomed.

All this is done on a volunteer basis. Karoo Animal Protection Society has no office premises and pays no full-time staff. We have an amazing success rate and have transformed the lives of animals in the communities where we work.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats, Horses, Donkeys
Welfare organisation wishlist Every cent goes to the animals ~
Karoo Animal Protection Society is deeply grateful for all donations, the most acceptable being money. Because we are in an inaccessible rural location, and the SA postal service is sadly unreliable, it is unwise to send other types of gift. Money and cheques sent in envelopes are also vulnerable unless sent by registered post.
The best way to donate is to make a bank deposit directly into Karoo Animal Protection Societys bank account as follows:
* Account number 4056 0488 70, ABSA Bank, Swellendam Branch, branch code 334-813.
* For international electronic transfers the Swift Code (BIC Code) is ABSA ZA JJ, and the S.A. national clearing code (universal branch code) is 632-005. The IBAN system does not apply in South Africa.
The animals need our help. A monthly stop order (standing order) is the most generous way of helping us, as it enables us to budget ahead.
~ We would like to acknowledge and thank you ~ so please advise us of your electronic transfer by writing to Karoo Animal Protection Society at P O Box 134, Barrydale 6750, South Africa, or fax details to 028 551 1261.
If you would like to become a member of KAPS, please contact us.

Karoo Animal Protection Society will use every cent of your donation to help the animals - nothing is wasted on offices or salaries. And donors living overseas please remember that because of the weakness of the South African rand, an amount that seems small to you translates into a huge amount for us. Another kind thought is to remember
Karoo Animal Protection Society in your will.
~ Why choose Karoo Animal Protection Society rather than another deserving charity? We can offer you two very good reasons:
1. Firstly, if you love animals, ours are among the most desperate in the world. For most of them,
Karoo Animal Protection Society is their only protection against starvation, sickness, ill-use, and the effects of uncontrolled mating.
2. Secondly, we are desperately in need of money because we are invisible to the only people in South Africa that give to charity - those who are based in the urban centres. Public awareness is not a problem for urban-based charities, who are surrounded by potential sources of sponsorship. By contrast, in the poor rural areas we cannot tap into our local population for funding. And we are never seen by anyone else.
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Karoo Animal Protection Society relies entirely on donations and grants in order to survive.
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Phone: 072 2771056
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