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Location for The Lucky Lucy Foundation
Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Durbanville
Street Address: Unit 4, Manna Farm, Joostenberg
Paarl,Western Cape
South Africa
Directions: Physical Address:
GPS Coordinates (Degrees):
Lat: 33°35’49.62″S
Lon: 18°36’9.87″E
GPS Coordinates (Decimal):
-33.597153, 18.602753

Lucky Lucy Farm – N7 Between Philadelphia and Malmesbury, Western Cape, South Africa

Directions: (From Cape Town)

1. Take the N7 towards Malmesbury
2. Proceed past the Melkbosstrand turn-off along the N7
From the Swartland Engen One Stop (N7) towards Malmesbury it is exactly 9.6 km on your right.
3. When you get to the board that says ‘MALMESBURY 20’ slow down—we are about 400 meters on your right.
4. There will be two gates, proceed through the gate on your right. There is a Lucky Lucy banner on the gate.

Directions: (From Malmesbury)

1. Take the N7 towards Cape Town.
2. Drive past the Kalbaskraal exit on the left.
3. Drive past the New Dassenberg exit on the right.
4. Look out on the left for the Lucky Lucy signboard.
Info for The Lucky Lucy Foundation
Service Type Animal Welfare Organisation or Animal Shelter
Brief description of service The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Non-Profit, Pro-life, Pro-Quality of Life organization that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused township and street animals, but also socially uplifts and educates destitute and impoverished children and people in and around Cape Town, and has been improving the lives of animals and families since its inception in 2010.

We were established on Jan 28, 2010 – after Andre and Richelle found a dog tied to a railway line, trains had gone over her, her leg was severed and she was pregnant.

Lucky Lucy is an ambassador for the voiceless. We oppose any form of cruelty to any animal, be it kicking a dog to inhumane methods of slaughter for human consumption. The Lucky Lucy Foundation is not just a small charity trying to save the world but instead we are a stepping stone of hope for neglected and abused animals, a reducer to the huge amount of over-population and the light to upliftment of destitute people and children.

We aim at:
We focus our strengths, first and foremost on getting as many animals sterilized as we possibly can (funds permitting), be it a dog in a township, on the street scavenging for food, or a dog with an owner who can’t afford private veterinary fees. We do what we can to prevent the ’contribution’ of more animals ending up in already over-populated areas because there simply aren’t enough homes for them all. Our society is the reason that millions are spent to control and eliminate (euthanize) unwanted animals but this is a quick solution and doesn’t solve the issue as irresponsible breeding contributes to the problem. Shelters get over-burdened with the surplus of animals. We assist underprivileged or destitute owners with their pets in poor communities.

EDUCATION NOT CONFISCATION – teaching of justice, respect and compassion for all life! We educate to overcome ignorance which promotes accountability and responsibility. The people in disadvantaged communities may not have the necessary knowledge because of a lack of education. This can become a vicious circle as the children may be raised ignorant of the need to sterilize animals, the need for good nutrition and the manner in which violence can change a pet. Often all that is required for change is to show people that there is a better way, we are their teachers.


We also help the disadvantaged communities who can barely afford food for themselves, let alone for their pets. We visit weekly and provide food for the community and their pets, this however is not done merely as a hand out which could exacerbate the problem. Every person who has taken part in our education program and is willing to have their pet sterilized can expect help from us to feed themselves and their animals.

We believe in uplifting communities by providing them with the tools and skills to sustain themselves. Hand outs will only treat the symptom and not the cause and we prefer to offer a more sustainable approach. By teaching skills such as growing vegetable gardens and woodwork we equip people with the ability to feed themselves which contributes not only to their self-worth but to a happier community. Lucky Lucy gives of their time and whatever provisions they can to make this a reality.


The animals that we rescue are the ‘NO HOPE LEFT’ ones. They come to our farm and here we rehabilitate them to become the perfect companion so that they can be re-homed successfully. We actively help the worst cases, the ones that would otherwise be sent over the rainbow bridge however this does not mean we accept suffering unnecessarily but everyone that comes our way will get the best chance at having a better life no matter how much time or money they may need.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats
Welfare organisation wishlist Our wishlist might change from time to time, but we are in need of the following:

~ To Feed the Orphans. Unlimited amounts of :
Dog food (wet and dry) - we mainly use Lifestyle, Pedigree & Bob Martin,
Cat Food (wet and dry)...

To Take Care of the Orphans:

Diatomacious Earth
Collars (half-check obedience collars)
Ultrum Flea products
Preventic Collars
Dog & Cat Shampoo
Basic Medication to keep on hand
Water/Food bowls
Cat litter

To Keep the Farm Clean:
Floor Cleaning Products
Domestos / Bleach
Washing Powder
Carlton Rolls
Old Newspapers
Dish washing Liquid

And anything else you think we might need! 

We are willing to collect if you are in the area, or you can arrange delivery for us. Contact us and we'll make the necessary arrangements.
Cost for The Lucky Lucy Foundation - Subject to Change
Information about Adoption fees and procedures available on request
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Phone: 072 779 7424
Cell phone: 072 779 7424
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