Location for MELKBOS ANIMAL CARE (a.k.a. MAC)
Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Melkbosstrand
Street Address: Unfortunately we do not have a shelter :( However, if you want to donate land and put up a few kennels for us, we will be happy to move in TODAY!
Service Type Animal Welfare Organisation or Animal Shelter
Brief description of service Melkbos Animal care is not a shelter, but we would love to become one. At this time we service the greater Melkbosstrand area in Animal Rescue work.
The work that we do is the following:
FERAL CATS: Daily feeding. Catch, sterilize, release. When animals are ill or injured: catch, treat, release. We have had some success in catching kittens, taming them and finding them furever homes.
FARM / INFORMAL SETTLEMENT ANIMALS: Feeding. Dipping. Vaccinations, Sterilizations. Vet care is given when they are ill or injured (our biggest cost!), educating owners on responsible pet ownership.
LOST AND FOUND ANIMALS: Helping owners re-unite with their lost animals. Fostering found animals, finding their owners or re-homing them. Lots of foster care and networking involved.
Please help us to help this very special community.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats
Welfare organisation wishlist Our wishlist might change from time to time, but we are in need of the following:

• A community where everyone will treat animals as salient beings, not objects or possessions, making sure that their pets receive the four most basic requirements for quality of life in abundance: food, shelter, medical care and love. We know it is "Pie in the sky", but one can wish!;
• Monthly or annual contributions via a debit order in order to cover our standard monthly expenses;
• Food for the cats and dogs we feed;
• Shelter for cats and dogs. First prize would be kennels, but materials with which we can build kennels (such as wood, nails, plastic sheeting, etc.) are also very welcome. RIGHT NOW THIS IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY!;
• Ad hoc donations of money or goods;
• Foster homes for dogs who need temporary homing while we try to find their owners or a new home for them – since we do not have a shelter, all our lost, abandoned, neglected and abused animals go to foster homes. We assist with food, advice,, medication where applicable and cover all vet costs;
• Blankets, old cushions or mattresses, feeding bowls, leads and halters;
• Dip and sponges
• Volunteers who will assist us in networking;
• A volunteer to become our Face Book administrator.
Cost for MELKBOS ANIMAL CARE (a.k.a. MAC) - Subject to Change
We do not charge for any services rendered. Since we receive NO Government funding, we are constantly doing fundraisers. We also get some money in through donation tins and a few angels who make regular monthly debit order contributions.
Contact for MELKBOS ANIMAL CARE (a.k.a. MAC)
Phone: 0839977436
Cell phone: 0828891233 / 0739988190
Social for MELKBOS ANIMAL CARE (a.k.a. MAC)

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