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Location for Mdzananda Animal Clinic
Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Cape Town
Street Address: 21297 Govan Mbeki Road, Khayelitsha, Cape Town

Directions: From Cape Town towards Stellenbosch
Take N1
Take Spine Road offramp
Turn right at top
Second exit at mini round about
Left at traffic lights
First Right
First Left
Mdzananda Animal Clinic is opposite the police station. Park on open piece of land and walk to front.
Info for Mdzananda Animal Clinic
Service Type Animal Welfare Organisation or Animal Shelter
Brief description of service Welcome to the world of the Mdzananda Animal Clinic - the only permanent, veterinary council registered animal clinic in Khayelitsha, a township area just outside Cape Town, South Africa, estimated to be home to more than a million people.

Highly respected and supported by the people they serve, Mdzananda Animal Clinic was founded in 1996 in response to the need to provide veterinary care to a fast growing community that had no access to help for their animals. Today the clinic provides primary veterinary healthcare services such as sterilization, dipping, deworming and vaccination. They also provide consultations, surgery, hospitalization, x-rays and care for sick and injured animals, primarily dogs and cats. Apart from the permanent clinic, mobile clinics run each weekday afternoon in order to serve areas too far from the clinic for owners to transport their pets.

It is often of the opinion that people in townships should not own pets. We have a different opinion. Anyone who visits Mdzananda has the pleasure of meeting owners who adore their animals and are proud to be giving them the care they deserve. Even though our main focus is on giving care for animals, we are very committed to effectively making a change in the lives of community members. We have a strong focus on community empowerment and education to ensure responsible pet ownership. We focus on understanding the community’s needs, embracing this, gaining their respect and trust. In this way we can effectively make a difference in the lives of the people as well as their animals.

Over the past 16 years Mdzananda has grown massively – from a little container only running on weekends to a fully functioning multi container and fixed structure clinic operating 5.5 days a week. It is a clinic filled with happiness and is often referred to as “My Happy Place” by supporters and clients of the clinic.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats
We also cater for Mainly Dogs & Cats but do get cases of farm animals from community farms, rabbits, birds, snakes & other pets
Welfare organisation wishlist Our wishlist might change from time to time, but we are in need of the following:

Urgent Large Item Wish List
Spay kits - R5150 from surgical systems
Photizo light unit (for healing wounds) - R7353
Ultra sound machine - R35 000
5 x Large dog cages - R5000 per cage
Bank of Cages for cat ward - R30 000
Cages for isolation ward - R30 000
Air conditioner for waiting area - R8000
Plumbing for new consults - R3000
Medical Oxygen piping - R15 000
Doors for new consults x2 - R500 each

Urgent Smaller Item Wish List
Raw honey (to treat wounds) –Honey Bee foundation in Maitland R60/kg
Coconut oil (Burn wounds/injuries) - R120/jar of organic coconut
Hills A/D tinned food for patients in recovery R12/tin
60 x Stainless steel bowls for dogs and cats R30 each
Kyron snuggle safe heating pads

Urgent Hospital Wish List
Mops x 5 - R25 each
Buckets x 5 - R20 each
Bucket trolley - R45 each
Spray bottles 750ml x 15 - R29 each
Insulation tape for marking items x 4 - R12 each
White boards x 2 small - R269 each
White boards x 2 large - R429 each
White board markers x10 - R29.99 each
White board tape x 8 rolls - R35 each
Cutlery holders for syringes and needlesx5 - R37.80 each
Tupperware for surgical instruments x 12 - R40 each
Shelves for theatre x2 - R150 each
Orthopaedic pins - R5000
Autoclave tape - R45

Continuously needed wish list
Cat & kitten pellets & tinned food
Dog & puppy pellets & tinned food
Old towels and blankets
Dog chews for our frustrated cage rested canines
Cage toys for kitties on cage rest
Buster collars - any size but 20/25/30cm especially
Hot water bottles
Cleaning products (i.e. washing powder for blankets ideally bleach containing)
Newspaper for kennels
Black bin bags
Printer/photocopy paper
Photocopy machine (to replace ours which jams after every 2 photocopies)
Veterinary textbooks
White Paint (indoor & outdoor)
Colourful paint (outdoor)
Concrete blocks and mortar to build a new consultation room
Prepaid electricity for electricity meter
Projector to show power point presentations

Continuous Veterinary Wish List
Bandages, deworming pills, spot-ons for flea and tick control
Fluid infusion pumps
Anaesthetic machine for new surgical building
Medical disinfectants/cleaning products
Good quality lead aprons/gloves for our new x-ray facility
Replacement/extra surgical instruments/equipment (spay kits/crocodile forceps/drapes)
Swabs, needles, syringes, examination/surgical gloves, IV catheters, blood transfusion collection and admin sets, infusion sets and fluids, microscope slides, scalpel
Drugs used in clinic – Ask for Drug & Veterinary wish list
Consumables used in clinic – Ask for Drug & Veterinary wish list

Mobile Clinic Wish List
Bakkie/Autorickshaw to serve as ambulance for emergency cases
3 micro chip scanners
3 second hand laptops for recording microchips

Charity Shop Wish List
On Site Charity shop - books, magazines, stationary, second hand clothes, shoes, brick a brack, new/used collars and leashes, animal accessories such as bowls, toys, jackets etc.
On Site Tile Shop – any tiles / sanitary products which we sell to the community
On site Nursery – any plants which we sell to the community
Any valuable items that we can raffle or auction for fundraising
Rental/donated space to open a charity book/coffee shop outside of the Khayelitsha township

Staff Wish List
Scrub sets for staff (30 scrub tops at R150 each)
Business cards
Food vouchers from restaurant or grocery store to spoil our hard working staff who get paid minimum wage
Full time new grad veterinarian salary – R16000 per month
Full time animal welfare assistant salary – R6000 per month
Full time hospital manager deficit salary – R4000 per month

We are willing to collect if you are in the area, or you can arrange delivery
Cost for Mdzananda Animal Clinic - Subject to Change
Depending on procedure needed for animal
Contact for Mdzananda Animal Clinic
Phone: +27 21 367 2302 / +27 21 689 4091
Cell phone: +27 83 548 8277 / +27 82 357 7613
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