Location for TinCanTown
Country: South Africa
Province: Western Cape
City / Town: Cape Town
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Service Type Animal Welfare Organisation or Animal Shelter
Brief description of service We do what we can to help the animals living in the poor township of Blikkiesdorp, Delft, Cape Town, by
providing primary medical and educational care including deworming, wound treatment and health assessment in the field.

Serious cases, sick animals and emergencies are taken to our Veterinarians. Bi-weekly dipping days prevent tics, fleas, mites and mange amongst the dogs in Blikkiesdorp, we also provide food for the animals during these outreaches.

We also focus on sterilizations and vaccinations drives to curb deadly illnesses and unwanted population growth. We arrange for foster homes and adoptions where necessary with surrendered animals. NPO 150-8930.
Our Services cater for Dogs, Cats
We also cater for Any animal that requires medical attention
Welfare organisation wishlist Funds for vet bills
Cat and Dog Food donations
Beds, Kennels, Blankets, Leads, Collars, Food bowls
Medical Supplies
Sponsors for Food, Printing, Clothing
Cost for TinCanTown - Subject to Change
Donations and volunteers of any kind are most welcome and appreciated!
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Cell phone: 0746921247
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